Market Trend and Demand of graphene textile

Market Trend and Demand of graphene and nano-silver

In 2007, Apple, a well-known mobile phone brand in most countries, first released the first generation of iphone using capacitive screen, which set off a revolutionary wave of touch interaction in the history of human-computer interaction. Behind this revolution, ITO electric more materials play a huge role.

However, with the commercialization of 5G technology, new technologies are flourishing, promoting the development of flexible electronic products and large-size touch terminal devices. In fact, traditional ITO electrical comparison materials are difficult to meet the diverse needs of future flexible products due to their high resistance value, rigidity and easy breakage. In other words, the advent of the 5G era requires the search for this excellent flexible electrical comparison material to replace the ITO rigid material.The flexible electric comparison that everyone is talking about is the main point of the future development direction of Microcrystalline Technology.

The market trend of graphene textile

Looking at the current field of nanomaterials, people are optimistic about flexible alternative materials such as metal grids, graphene, nano-silver, carbon nanotubes, etc., and the actual industrial application of better results is graphene, nano-silver. As these two materials are widely available, low production costs, and both high light transmission, high conductivity, resistance to rubbing, etc., will be well applied in the field of flexible electricity more, open the trend of innovation of flexible electronic devices.

Most companies are optimistic about graphene, nano-silver material as a flexible electric more material, used to solve the capacitive technology of flexible, large size touch screen. With the development of science and technology, electronic terminal equipment will be a large-scale update iteration, the huge application market will change the pattern of the future industry, become a domestic manufacturing enterprises to transform and upgrade the power engine. If you are looking for graphene textile or need to buy graphene textile in bulk, please send an email to: or

Trun Technology in Luoyang has been supplying the market with high quality graphene textile materials.Trun Technology provides graphene textile with steady price. “In order to feedback to old customers, our company is still in full operations to provide product name with competitive price.” said Olina, sales manager of Trun Technology.

Trun Technology is a  trusted global chemical material product name supplier & manufacturer with over 12 years’ experience in providing super high-quality chemicals and Nanomaterials. Our professional work team provides perfect solutions to help improve the efficiency of various industries, create value, and easily cope with various challenges. The company has successfully developed a series of nanomaterials with high purity and complete functions, such as:

Amorphous Boron Powder

Nano Silicon Powder

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Boron Nitride

Boron Carbide

Titanium Boride

Silicon Boride

Aluminum Boride

NiTi Powder

Ti6Al4V Powder

Molybdenum Disulfide

Zin Sulfide

Fe3O4 Powder

Mn2O3 Powder

MnO2 Powder

Spherical Al2O3 Powder

Spherical Quartz Powder

Titanium Carbide

Chromium Carbide

Tantalum Carbide

Molybdenum Carbide

Aluminum Nitride

Silicon Nitride

Titanium Nitride

Molybdenum Silicide

Titanium Silicide

Zirconium Silicide and so on.

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