Why calcium hydride is used as a reducing agent in organic synthesis

What does calcium hydride mean? Calcium hydride, a common chemical agent with a chemical composition of CaH2 (molecular weight 42.10). A grayish-white block or crystal that is easily deliquescent can be used to reduce, desiccant and chemical analysis reagent. It's also an incolorless rhombic crystalline. The crystal is very sensitive to water. Normal temperatures do not allow it to react with nitrogen or dry air. However, at higher temperatures it can react with those gases to create calcium oxide and calcium carbide. To produce hydrogen and calcium-ethoxide, it can react with alcohol. This is less than sodium hydride, lithium hydride.

Calcium Hydride Properties
Rhombic colorless crystal. Sensitive and sensitive to moisture. Relational density: 70. In hydrogen, the melting point of it is 816. It can be decomposed to Ca and H2 by 600. At normal temperatures it doesn't react with nitrogen, dry air or chlorine. However, at higher temperatures it can react with those gases to create calcium oxide and calcium carbide. To produce hydrogen and calcium-ethoxide, it can also react to ethanol. This is more effective than sodium hydride, lithium hydride in reducing metal oxides.

Prepare calcium hydride
The iron plate should contain the refined calcium, which has a purity level of around 99.5%. Attach the outlet and inlet pipes to the ends of the quartz react tube using rubber plugs. Then, inject purified hydrogen through the inletpipe. The mineral oil bubbler connects the outlet pipe to the fumehood. A reaction tube heats up using an electric furnace. An electric furnace heats the reaction tube. It starts around 200. Then it heats to about 250300. This reaction can take place by adding hydrogen at an average flow rate of 0.6mL/min. It takes approximately 2 hours to complete. The calcium hydride that is formed is porous, gray-white crystalline powder.

Prices for calcium hydride
Price will depend on how small and pure the calcium hydride is. It can also be affected by volume. Large quantities of small amounts will result in a lower price. On our official website, you can see the price for calcium hydroide.

Calcium Hydride Supplier
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