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Tungsten Oxide Insulation Material Can Make The Sun Room Cool in Winter and Cool in Summer

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What is tungsten oxide? Tungsten oxide has a molecular formula of WO3 and a molecular weight of 231.85.
It is a kind of tungstic anhydride, which is a tungstate product. Tungsten oxide includes tungsten trioxide and tungsten dioxide, and there is no tungsten dioxide product in actual industrial production. The tungsten trioxide salt is classified into tungstic acid, sodium tungstate, calcium tungstate, ammonium paratungstate, ammonium metatungstate and the like according to the content of tungsten trioxide.
Tungsten trioxide is a pale yellow triclinic powder crystal. When the temperature is higher than 740 deg C, it turns into an orange tetragonal crystal, and after cooling, it returns to its original state. Stable in air, melting point is 1473 deg C, boiling point is higher than 1750 deg C, relative density is 7.16.
Tungsten trioxide is the most stable one of tungsten oxides. It is insoluble in water and inorganic acids other than hydrofluoric acid. It is soluble in hot concentrated sodium hydroxide solution and ammonia to form soluble tungstate. When the temperature is higher than 650 deg C, it can be reduced by H2, and it can be reduced by C at 1000-1100 deg C to obtain tungsten powder.

Application of tungsten oxide transparent insulation material:
Smart home makes our home life more comfortable, safer and more convenient! It is also energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and it makes our life quite artistic. Therefore, it is not surprising that the smart sun room will appear. The so-called intelligence, one of them is to break the sun room in the summer like a "fire stove", winter like a "refrigerator". The role of this is transparent semiconductor materials, such as tungsten oxide transparent insulation materials, can make the sun room "warm in winter and cool in summer"! In my opinion, it is not the need to install air conditioning and floor heating equipment, it is the best way to solve the heat insulation of the sun room from the root.

Speaking of smart home, this concept has already penetrated our minds, and its application has spread all over the real life! Unfortunately, the author has not been able to live an intelligent life. As a result, the traditional home scene appeared: the author went out every time, and the result went halfway, suddenly remembered something - did I lock the door? Is the air conditioner off? If you don't go back and confirm, you can't live through this day. However, go back and be late for work! Switch to the smart home scenario, how about? ----After leaving the door to lock the door, set the home scene directly to the unmanned state, cut off all the power supply of the terminal block, and confirm the home status at any time through the mobile app. Therefore, the author can not help but sigh, smart home makes people feel at ease, it is so simple!
Switching to the smart sun room is also a similar scenario. Now, some sunrooms use Low-e glass. Some researchers conducted experiments on the near-infrared ray blocking rate and ultraviolet blocking rate of glass coated with nano-tungsten oxide coating, Low-e glass, glass with heat-insulating film, hollow tempered glass and single-sided glass, and found that: 1. The glass of the tungsten oxide nano-coating has an infrared blocking rate of 91%; the ultraviolet blocking rate is 91%. 2. Low-e glass, its infrared blocking rate is 62.8%; UV blocking rate is 56%. 3. The glass with heat-insulating film has an infrared blocking rate of 59%; the ultraviolet blocking rate is 99.7%. 4. Hollow tempered glass, the infrared blocking rate is 34.2%; the ultraviolet blocking rate is 23.5%. 5. Single-sided glass, the infrared blocking rate is 12.4%; the ultraviolet blocking rate is 13.5%.

It can be seen from the above data that the best effect of blocking infrared rays is single-sided glass with nano-tungsten oxide coating; while the effect of blocking ultraviolet rays is single-sided glass with thermal insulation film and with nano-tungsten oxide. Coated single sided glass. However, according to industry insiders, because ultraviolet light has a bactericidal function, and normal people need to take photos of the sun, it is not healthy to have a high UV blocking rate. It is well known that solar radiation provides an energy supply for every life activity on Earth. However, although infrared rays and ultraviolet rays in sunlight are good for the human body, everything is about the amount. Generally, the permeability ratio is about 10%, which is the most scientific. Therefore, from the perspective of energy saving and health, the use of nano-tungsten oxide coated insulating glass is the best.

That is to say, tungsten oxide transparent insulation material is two problems that need to be solved urgently for building energy-saving glass: 1. High transparency means high visible light transmittance and meets lighting requirements; 2. High barrier in the near-infrared band. This blocks the radiant energy of the sun and meets the requirements for reducing energy consumption.
Moreover, as an environmentally friendly water-based heat insulating material, the tungsten oxide transparent heat insulating material only needs to be painted with a thickness of several micrometers, so that it can enjoy the effect of "warm winter and cool summer" without opening the air conditioner. In addition, this kind of insulation material has excellent safety (if this kind of glass is broken, it will not drop a lot of glass slag), anti-aging, privacy protection, stain resistance, self-cleaning, anti-glare, anti-radiation and other functions. . Insulation materials of this type are also tungsten bronze, ITO, ATO, FTO and the like.
Tungsten oxide insulation is not a "black technology" product, but is a product of scientific and technological development. The author believes that in today's advocacy of "energy saving and emission reduction" and "taking the path of sustainable development", such transparent insulation materials will inevitably receive more and more attention.

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