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Small Superplasticizers Make Big Articles on Technological Innovation


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The Kaichun Expressway is a mountainous road with deep pile foundations, high pier columns, and the use of self-produced machine sand throughout the line. It requires high functionality and stability of concrete, including the Shuangyue Extra Large Bridge, Hongqi Extra Large Bridge, Dashitan Extra Large Bridge, and Moyang River Extra Large Bridge, all of which use water-reducing agents, with a total amount exceeding 10000 tons.


With the implementation of the national "Belt and Road" initiative and the "transportation power" strategy, the traffic infrastructure business is booming, and the water-reducing agent that determines the functionality of engineering construction raw materials and concrete has also played an important role.


It is understood that since 2007, the materials subsidiary has independently developed and produced three generations of water-reducing agents and is currently producing the third-generation HSP-V polycarboxylate high-performance water-reducing agent. Polycarboxylic acid water-reducing agents have the advantages of a high water reduction rate, good slump retention performance, good adaptability to cementitious materials, and relatively high compressive strength. They are widely used in engineering projects and are a new type of green and environmentally friendly material.

In the construction industry, concrete is an indispensable primary material. However, in the preparation process of concrete, in order to achieve ideal fluidity, a large amount of water is often added. This not only increases the preparation cost but also excessive water can affect the strength of concrete. Therefore, how to solve this problem through technological means has always been a focus of attention in the construction industry. In recent years, small water-reducing agents have made outstanding contributions in this regard, and the technological content behind them is even more astonishing. Superplasticizer is a high-performance water-reducing agent widely used in the preparation process of cement concrete. Its primary function is to act as a cement dispersant, significantly reducing the amount of water required to prepare concrete while maintaining good fluidity.

The application of Superplasticizer

Highway engineering: In highway engineering, Superplasticizers can significantly enhance the strength and firmness of concrete and extend the service life of highways. Meanwhile, due to its excellent water-reducing performance, it can reduce the water consumption of concrete, thereby improving its compressive strength and flexural strength.

(The application of Superplasticizer)

Bridge engineering: The application of a Superplasticizer is equally vital in bridge engineering. It can enhance the workability of concrete and improve its crack resistance and durability.

Dam engineering: In dam engineering, the application of a Superplasticizer can improve the impermeability and durability of concrete. This is crucial for the long-term stability and safety of the dam. By using a superplasticizer, the water consumption of concrete and the heat of hydration can be reduced, thereby reducing the risk of dam cracks and leakage.

Tunnel engineering: In tunnel engineering, the application of a Superplasticizer can improve the early strength and durability of concrete. This is crucial for tunnel excavation and support.

(The application of Superplasticizer)

High-rise buildings: In buildings, the application of Superplasticizer can improve the compressive strength and flowability of concrete. This helps to reduce concrete loss during the construction process, improve construction efficiency, and shorten the construction period. Meanwhile, the application of Superplasticizers can also enhance the firmnesstability of concrete structures in high-rise buildings.

(The application of Superplasticizer)


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