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The high-rise building is obviously made of concrete, so why does the whole building burn after a fire? foaming agent for concrete

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First, concrete takes in and moves heat more quickly than dissipates warm easily. When a fire occurs, it has the impact of sustaining burning, which amounts including fuel to the fire. The more it melts, the larger it obtains. Concrete might appear lovely and solid, yet in fact, maybe much better than adobe residences. There is no thermal insulation and warmth dissipation impact like adobe blocks.

(burning concrete building)

On the other hand, I just scratched the surface. If the steel-concrete framework of a high-rise building is white, there will not be a lot of smoke and fire if it melts. It is mainly made from interior decoration materials, primarily natural products, oil, or plastic materials., when ignited, the fire will come to be tough and produce a large quantity of black smoke.

Second, fires in high-rise buildings can melt concrete and steel bars. Oxygen supports combustion. In addition, the temperature level produced by the supporting burning of various other flammable items in the building is very high. After all, it is not a fire in a rural home. In the 911 event, one structure was damaged by a plane. After the crash, it did not collapse at the time. Later on, the fire caused by the effect burned and thawed the main body of strengthened concrete and finally broke down.

(burning concrete building)

On the various other hand, indoor decoration materials, home appliances and furnishings are mostly combustible. If one floor burns for a long time, the temperature level will permeate the flooring and fire up the top and reduced floorings. The flooring is high and windy, with excellent ventilation and high oxygen web content. The high-temperature warm circulation will create a smoke. Power, the fire should be really intense.

Third, the foam plastic made use of for outside wall insulation is the culprit. Foam plastics are frequently made use of in Europe and the United States, so a group of specialists introduced this modern technology. However they certainly need to have considered that a lot of international buildings are 2- or three-story residential structures, and fire protection requirements are low. When a fire bursts out in the building, it will certainly create major consequences. 2- and three-story structures are not mainstream in China, and also in backwoods, there are extremely few of them. To present innovation, we need to think about the existing situation of domestic construction. Or else, we will certainly be discovering in Handan.

(burning concrete building)

Fourth, the focus is not on space furniture and timber products but on the truth that paint is made use of in all developing decors, such as wall surface paint. Also premium wall coverings are textiles. Repaint or textiles are inherently flammable items. In addition, many various other design products have numerous shades. The shades are likewise made from different types of paint. Once they come across high temperatures, they will certainly burn even if there is no open fire.

On the other hand, I have seen lots of people stating that the top quality of thermal insulation products is not up to par. As a matter of fact, it is not simply moisture-retaining products. The nation likewise has equivalent fire resistant standards for timber used for interior design and furnishings of skyscrapers, yet furniture manufacturing facilities and structure materials manufacturing facilities will certainly avoid this. Common clients don't comprehend the problem, so essentially, the wood products on the market are non-fire retardant materials, whether they are made use of in high-rise buildings or not.

(burning concrete building)

Fifth, suggestions from firemens to avoid problems prior to they happen: Each floor ought to be equipped with a fire hydrant. If the area is huge, you can also equip several. If a fire happens, swiftly regulate the fire to stop the fire from infecting other floors. If it is a household building, each household needs to be outfitted with a tiny fire hydrant. When a fire takes place in your house, the fire can be promptly managed within your own home. On top of that, furniture, curtain decoration, etc, have to be made from non-combustible products. The level of fire security automation in skyscrapers is reasonably high. The person in charge of fire protection in high-rise buildings remains in location and accountable, and examinations and drills remain in place. Discharges can be protected against by controlling combustibles, combustion-supporting products and fire resources.

The production process of concrete is a key factor affecting its fire resistance. Among them, the control of the water-cement ratio is essential. Too high or also reduced a water-cement ratio might have unfavorable effects on the fire resistance of concrete. In addition, the top quality and shape of the rocks in concrete will certainly additionally have an influence on its fire resistance. Using hard and regular-shaped rocks can improve the fire resistance of concrete.

Relating to the discovery of fire resistance, there are lots of generally utilized approaches, such as high-temperature test approach, flame examination approach, thermogravimetric evaluation technique, and infrared spectroscopy method. These approaches evaluate the fire resistance of concrete by imitating high-temperature settings or straight observing the efficiency changes of concrete at high temperatures.

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